Sunday, July 5, 2009

haiku #70509-B

create an omelet
to rescue your broken eggs.
cook slowly or else...

haiku #70509

loving those daisys
and their lacksidaisical
approach to their lives

still loving my friends
and their lacksidaisical
approach to their lives

Saturday, January 17, 2009


weeping daughter cry 
me a salt river of tears 
before you return.

river overflows 
marking the termination
of separation

wounded heart bleeding
pushed to the human limit
of lonely young girls.

rainy day walking
unnoticed tears stain my cheeks, 
muddy brain and boots.

wisdom comes so late
stalling outside the door-
entrance almost missed.

lucky in love

Lucky is not a 
fussy eater, happy at 
old country buffet

preferences may 
prevent experiences 
designed to bring grace.

dirty dishes, soap
laden hot water wait for
the touch of my hands.

goldfinch living in 
my garden while my daughter
battles her uncle.

suicidal mom
jumping off the Ford bridge hits
water with regret.

fluff balls

mud puddle bathtub
filled with chattering fluff balls
sounding the alarm

cold raindrop, wet dried
sunflower stalks, finches
searching for last seeds

emotional storm
shaking windows of my mind
with gales of anger.

goldfinch living in 
my garden while my daughter 
battles her uncle

domestic duty
summons me. Garden gazing
postponed until three.

four haiku

Witness the struggle,
opening your heart, without
any expectations.

Not controlling outcome
simply learning-watching your love
struggle to evolve.

Don't believe every 
word you hear, it's not ultimate truth
but relative truth.

Yet there is truth in 
personal experience,
allow diversity.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


How magnificent!
Goodbye separation and
Hello internet!

You know how I love 
To hold you in my arms and
sniff your fragrant hair

When are you too old
For Halloween trick and treat?
Someone told me "never!"

A little Haiku
Everyday before I die
Bleed in the attempt.